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Franklin, which originates from the popular children’s books written by Paulette Bourgeois, is an irrepressible turtle who, together with his forest friends, works his way through everyday dilemmas. Targeted toward children aged three to seven, Franklin learns how he fits into the world and how the world fits him. Like most children, Franklin learns by making mistakes. When he fibs, gets lost, or acts bossy, he usually finds solutions himself learning lessons the Franklin way.

Learning Goals


Games & Activities

Scribblevision - Ice Skating with Rabbit and Snail
Scribblevision - Franklin's Hero the Green Knight
Scribblevision - Franklin and Eagle
Scribblevision - Winter to Spring
Scribblevision - Franklin's New Sister Harriet
Franklin's Dancing Game - Help Franklin do a little moving and grooving of his own!
Franklin's Friends and Family - Get acquainted with Franklin, and his friends and family.


  Franklin has a present for you! - What does Franklin have for you?  
  Franklin Loves Hiking - Color Franklin having fun outdoors!  
  Franklin Loves to Play Ice Hockey - Color Franklin playing ice hockey!  
  Franklin in Costume - Franklin's pretending to be someone else.  
  Franklin as Frankenstein - Color Franklin dressed up as Frankenstein!  
  Franklin Playing Baseball - Color Franklin playing baseball.  
  Franklin - Robeax - Franklin's dressed up as a knight on an adventure. Do you ever dress up?  
  Franklin with His Toy - Color Franklin and his toy. What's YOUR favorite toy?  

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Games & More Music Shows & Shorts TV Schedule For Parents
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