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64 Zoo Lane

64 Zoo Lane

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Lucy is a little girl who is lucky enough to live next to a zoo. Every night, the animals from the zoo gather outside her window to tell a story. Opportunities for exploring language and vocabulary are enhanced by the use of vivid expression and varied intonation in the narrator's voice. Playing with words in these ways can promote enjoyment of language and aid the comprehension of new vocabulary. The themes of the animals' stories support social and emotional issues, including friendship, helping, and caring for others.

Learning Goals


Games & Activities

Storymaker - Create your own story with the 64 Zoo Lane gang!
Coloring - Color the 64 Zoo Lane friends
Connect the Dots - Click on the numbered dots to find the hidden characters
Matching - Drag each thing to its owner
Friends - Meet the 64 Zoo Lane friends!
Memory - Match the cards!
Mix and Match - Match the parts to create your favorite character!
Multipuzzle - Click on the squares to make one big picture
Odd One Out - Which item doesn't belong?
Puzzle - Drag the puzzle pieces to complete the picture
Teaser - Click to move the pieces and solve the puzzle


  Giggles and Tickles the Monkeys - Giggles and Tickles say hello  
  Giggles and Tickles the Monkeys - Giggles and Tickles hang by their tails  
  Kevin the Crocodile - Kevin looks fierce  
  Molly the Hippopotamus - Molly is quite large  
  Toby the Tortoise - Toby has a big smile  
  Nelson the Elephant - Nelson has a long trunk  
  Georgina the Giraffe - Georgina has a very long neck  
  Lucy in a party hat - Lucy's celebrating!  
  Lucy - Lucy lives at 64 Zoo Lane  

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